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When I tell Lattus that this interview is for a web site, he's immediately interested and animated. He's comfortable in the online milieu and sees a lot of promise for online psychic work.

"I've been involved with computers since the mid-70s," he says. "When I became aware of the online services, I thought immediately, 'This is certainly an interesting medium for psychic work.' Over the last couple of years, once or twice a month I've opened a chat room to help people. And I've found it as reliable or more reliable than in person or telephone because there is a—I can't explain it—a psychic connection one develops when talking with someone online. I'm sure your readership have felt it themselves. Someone's energy does come through the words they type. As for the potential of the medium for psychic work, I think it's relatively unexplored. You'd have to figure out how to structure the economics."

A number of his existing clients have recently begun consulting him in email. Does this "muddy the signal," as it were? Lattus says no. "Psychic perception works best when you get a connection with another person. And that happens through dialogue—whether it be in person, on the telephone or by modem."

"There is a psychic connection one develops when talking with someone online."

Last word

Lattus' final advice to consumers of psychic services: Caveat emptor. "Be it astrology, be it body work, be it healing, be it psychics, be it channeling...whatever the variety within the whole parapsychological field, you have to evaluate what you're getting. Obviously, anyone suggesting that you have a curse they need to remove, suggesting that if you pay them a sum of money they'll make sure your house gets sold—those are outright abuses and your own common sense should keep you from falling into it. Beyond that, evaluate them like you would a doctor or an attorney. Of course, unlike them, we will return your phone calls!"    </end>

You can reach The Academy of Psychic Arts and Sciences at (214) 788-1833; Timothy Lattus' own email address is

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