"Gas Station" Jacket, circa 1954: God Bless Americana. The uniform of "everyman," this durable cotton twill jacket was and still is worn by service workers across the board, from delivery men to factory workers to the archetypal gas station attendant. Its generic, slightly de-humanizing quality is underscored by the need for an embroidered name and company logo. Skate punks who grew up with Lenny and Squiggy on top of Dad's '50s childhood were the first to adopt this uniform, wearing "Herb"'s jacket as an identification with his fringe status and more than a trace of irony. This romanticization of the working class paved the way for the return of Carhartt and Dickies to the fashion mainstream.

Patron Saint: Gomer Pyle
Image Makers: James Dean, Steve McQueen
Soundtrack: Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, Jerry Lee Lewis, Link Wray
Screen: "Blackboard Jungle," "Highschool Hellcats," "Highway Patrol"
Technology: Jukebox
Drug Of Choice: Nicotine
Wheels: Chevy Bel Air
Soundtrack '96: Reverend Horton Heat, Southern Culture On The Skids, Gearhead
Runway '96: Diesel, Detroit, X-Large
Last Seen: On Jordan Catalano in "My So Called Life"

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Nicotine Anonymous
Reverend Horton Heat

"Snakeskin" Vinyl Jacket, circa 1966: Instant Replay 1966 saw an infusion of vinyl and other synthetic materials into mainstream fashion, as did 1995. Last spring, designers like Liza Bruce praised the practicality of synthetics, echoing Andre Courreges' declaration that "aesthetics is the envelope, the functional is the soul." In 1966 the cult of youth was worshipped from Carnaby Street to 5th Avenue, and an androgynous aesthetic was emerging. This jacket straddles the line between mod and psychedelia; the black and white snakeskin design a union of Op Art and a squeeze of rock 'n' roll sleaze. The Lizard King is about to make his entrance.

Patron Saint: Emma Peel
Image Makers: Julie Christie, Edie Sedgwick, Marianne Faithfull, Twiggy
Soundtrack: Pink Floyd, The Who, Velvet Underground
Screen: "Blow Up," "The Mod Squad," "Chelsea Girls"
Technology: The Pill
Drug Of Choice: Speed
Wheels: Barracuda
Soundtrack '96: Stereolab, Pizzicato 5, Blur, Menswe@r
Runway '96: Gucci, Prada, Richard Tyler
Last Seen: On Sailor (Nicholas Cage) in "Wild At Heart"—the snakeskin part, at least

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Blow Up
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Clear Plastic"
Velvet Underground
Pizzicato 5
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