As we all know, supermodels are hopelessly competitive. Not content with being wealthier and better-looking than the rest of the world, they spend seemingly endless hours comparing magazine covers, stealing boyfriends, and starting rumors about each other's eating disorders. The latest arena for catwalk fighting seems to be the marginally lucrative autograph business (hey-remember when people used to sign autographs for free?). While Linda Evangelista will cost you a mere $35, Cindy Crawford tops out the list at a whopping $75, closely followed by Kathy Ireland and Christy Brinkley at $60. Below, a sampling of a few other supes and their prices.
Tyra Banks $40
Naomi Campbell $50
Elle Macpherson $50
Kate Moss $45
Paulina $55
Claudia Schiffer $55
Niki Taylor $50
Christy Turlington $50
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