The Quit: A Consideration of the Art of Quitting
by Evan Harris
(Fireside, paperback, 107 p $9.00U.S./$12.50Can.)

From the coeditor of the zine Quitter Quarterly comes a full-fledged treatise on the much maligned art of quitting. Yes, the art of quitting—Harris makes the convincing case that quitting, as an act of will, is a form of self-expression and therefore an art. Forget what your grandmother told you; quitting is a virtue, not a vice. Is my seventh grade music teacher listening?

The Quit is both a meditation on giving up and a handbook for the converted. Types of quits are outlined and various techniques, from making a scene to taking to your bed, are discussed. All things considered, The Quit is a book sure to...oh, forget it, I give up.