by Gary Bourgois

Most owners of Satellite TV systems these days fall into the following categories:

  1. Those who can not get cable due to isolated location.

  2. Those who wish to receive programs not available on their local cable system.

  3. People who desire the sharpest "blow you away" video picture possible (Studio Quality, far better than cable or over air). Or those who want DISCRETE stereo sound from channels or networks that are not carried in stereo in their local area.

  4. News Junkies who want to see unedited news coverage from the source location, before it gets chopped up and packaged.

  5. Experimenters and techy hobby types who enjoy tinkering.

  6. Audiophiles who want to hear HUNDREDS of music services in superior quality.

  7. Digital Information Junkies desiring info-text services.
  8. Those who desire foreign Language programming.

  9. Individuals who like to see certain TV shows BEFORE they are aired over the networks, often without commercials.

  10. Those in search of additional programming, including pay-per-view movies.

  11. SPORTS NUTS... There is more sports on satellite than any human being can STAND. Virtually EVERY game of EVERY team is up there SOMEWHERE.... Much of it as "Backhauls" which are not scrambled, and often do not have commercials.

  12. Those who want to watch programs earlier or later than seen on their local stations. For example, on the West Coast you can watch David Letterman at 9:30 PM PST (or watch it at 3:30 AM Eastern time on the Pacific feed). If you see a music video you really like  on the MTV Eastern feed, you can tape it 3 hours later on the MTV Western feed.

  13. Those who want to watch Gene Scott 24 hours a day.

  14. RADIO NUTS. With the proper additional equipment there are hundreds of additional audio services receivable, including AM and FM stations from major cities, TALK SHOWS, every kind of music imaginable, and very SPECIALIZED formats. Some Satellite owners actually spend more time LISTENING to the signals on their dish than WATCHING. (See the SCPC Paragraph further down this FAQ list for more info)

  15. Culture Vultures. If you like Ballet, Art Films, Concerts, documentaries, Foreign Films, There are many opportunities here, including a FREE Art Channel that runs snippets of Concerts and Performances WITHOUT COMMERCIAL INTERRUPTION 24 Hours a day.

Just about everyone could find themselves in ONE of the above categories.  </end>

Illustration by Bart Nagel and Karen Huff