[5] "Do I dare. I would send for you. come meet me at the Princess hotel (in Bermuda.) There, I would have a car take you to the cabin. Eat with me." I know you are hungry." A fondue pot of creamy sweet chocolate, surrounded by fresh fruit, seafood, and cheeses. Sangria, chilled as your drink. While you eat, I bathe you in the hot tub. The sun rises over the horizon as you caress my chess. It's stronger than you remembered. (I worked out hard the day before, for you.) Our eyes meet in a quiet stare. Do I dare kiss her there where no man is my equal. Do I dare make her erupt so hard she will pass out from pleasure. I dare. I lift you to the side of the whirlpool squeeze an orange all over you and begin at your lips." From a steamy bachelor.