[6] "Knave indeed. I am glad to see we share a mutual passion for the fine art of abduction."Very nice. Let's see if I were well mannered I would probably ask your permission before I whisked you away, so that would not work out. If I were cultured I would fly you to Paris on the Concord to spend the day trapsing around the Louvre. Then on to Rome to the Sistine Chapel then back to NYC where we could finish off with a play. Les Miserables perhaps, or maybe ThePhantom? You decide.

"If I was secretly wicked(which I am) I would take you downtown to a Funky Meters concert or some other New Orleans type band, drink shots of Tequila from each others belly buttons and dance the night away. Then on to my pleasure dungeon where I woul spend the rest of the night discovering and satisfying your "insatiable" desires. How does that sound?" From a bachelor who is trying to please