from The Tea Fungus Kombucha (Ennstahler, 1985) by Rosina Fasching.

"Buried under a mountain of fanaticism, feeble-mindedness and mysticism on the one hand, and an unfounded aversion on the other, there lies the simple truth of iris diagnostics. As early as 1,000 BC man hand [sic] noticed that whatever acted upon the human organism was not without effect upon the eye. By means of magnifying glass the competent iris diagnostician sees various marks and phenotypes which go hand in hand with iris diagnostics.

Understanding iris diagnostics means collecting pieces of a mosaic, with the main object being observing rather than seeing. The main difficulty is understanding correlations in order to explain natural processes inside the body. Even though iridology's theoretical foundations are still unclear and mystic, extensive research comparing diagnostic results of clinicians to ones of eye diagnosticians has shown beyond all doubt that there are correlations between iris marks and malfunctioning organs."

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