dad says he saw you at the mall

"You know that story about Achilles? About how he was invincible, except for one small spot on his heel? I think that story is a lie. I think a bunch of fucking Greeks—ancient fucking Greeks—got drunk one night and made that story up. What I am seeing here is Greeks with bare chests shining in the firelight, sitting around, drinking nectar of the gods from pewter mugs.

That whole story makes me sick. The mother dipping the kid in the river Styx. The kid going on to become a hero and all the Greeks looking up to him, worshipping him, and then they turn him into an idol; and they still talk about him, right up to this very day. And then this guy—Penis, I think was his name—this guy Penis comes along and nails him in the heel and kills him. Jesus."

from dad says he saw you at the mall,
by Ken Sparling