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Sunday, June 2

  • San Francisco: SF Cinematheque: Early Evening Experimental - Free Films: Song 27, My Mountain (1968), Song 27 (Part II) Rivers (1969) by Stan Brakhage, both shown in in original 8mm format.

  • San Francisco: SF Cinematheque: Orgone Cinema Orgy: Pittsburgh's only Orgone Cinema and Archive (Alisa Dix, Michael Johnsen and Greg Pierce) will present a program reflecting their homemade approach to showing film. Operating since 1993, Orgone has hosted a flurry of events from improvised projection performances to visiting filmmakers (Kurt Kren, Anne Robertson, tentatively a convenience and others). They reflect a no-bullshit, non-academic approach. A deadly serious joke wrapped in stickers and posters cooked up in their shop-garage with theme snacks, raffles, door prizes and sober lectures. Pushing a pro- love, pro-film agenda, the orgone kids will do their liveliest, sincere best to get you to agree with them. Films include How (Much) Male Organ Functions During Sex Act, The Boris Spassky High Frequency Comb and others. Also: a four-projector, onscreen loop performance, Ex-Lax and a double analytic projector performance with their "Irritable Bowel Syndrome".

  • Vienna, Austria: Der Blick der Moderne at Stadtkino Wien: Traumafabrik: Robert Florey, Life and Death of 9413: A Hollywood Extra USA 1928; Kenneth Anger, Fireworks USA 1947; Su Friedrich, Gently Down the Stream USA 1981; Jonas Mekas, Quartet Number One USA 1992; Matthius Muller, Aus der Ferne - The Memo Book 1989; Phil Solomon, The Exquisite Hour USA 1989. West Side Stories: Christopher MacLaine, The End USA 1953 34 Mins.; Bruce Conner, A Movie USA 1958 / 12 mins.; Robert Nelson, The Great Blondino USA 1950 / 42 Mins.; Bruce Baillie, Castro Street USA 1966 / 10 Mins.; Pat O'Neill, Easy out USA 1971 9 Mins. Rear Windows: David Rimmer, Real Italian Pizza USA / 13 Mins. 11ins.; David Rimmer, Canadian Pacific Kanada 1974 9 Mins.; Ernie Gehr, Shift USA 1972-74, 9 Mins.; Ernie Gehr, Untitled USA 1977 , 5 Mins.; Kurt Kren, 15/67 TV A 1997 5 Mins.; Wojciech Bruszewski, Pudelko zapalek (Streichholzschachtel) Polen ins. 1975 5 Mins.; Ladislav Galeta, Two Times In One Space, Yu 1976-84 12 Mins.; Paul Winkler, Window Australien 1979 / 3 Mins.; Christoph Janetzko, Fenster BRD 1979 15 Mins.; Zbigniew Rybczynski, Mein Fenster A 1979 / 3 Min.; John Smith, Om GB 1986 / 4 Mins.

  • New York: Anthology Film Archives: "Films by Georges Melies, I," A Trip to the Moon (1902) and others, 60 min

  • New York: Anthology Film Archives: "Films by Marie Menken, I," Visual Variations on Noguchi (1955) and others, 45 min.

  • New York: Anthology Film Archives: New Films from Lithuania: Two Sisters (1996) by Vytas Landsbergis; From Unfinished Tales of Jerusalem (1996) by Arunas Matelis, 60 min. Film-makers will be present.

  • New York: the Knitting Factory: Loud Music/Silent Film: "Battleship Potemkin", Music by Paradox Trio: With his Balkan-rhythm driven Paradox Trio (and a new CD on Knitting Factory Works), composer/reedman Matt Darriau accompanies a trilogy of surrealist and avante-garde silent films: Eisensteing's "Battleship Potemkin", Bunel and Dali's "Un Chien Andalou" and Duchamp's "Anemic Cinema".

  • Vancouver, British Columbia: : Edison Electric: MOTHER'S MEAT & FREUD'S FLESH: Mother's milk makes strong children, but a child who is a reluctant weaner may develop a mother-addiction. Montreal Filmmaker Demetri Demetrios' lo-tech cult classic MOTHER'S MEAT & FREUD'S FLESH ironically explores the resulting triangle of mother, psychiatrist and mother's boy. Demira is a porn star, and the despondent son of a mother who smothered him with love. To get over his obsession of calling her up after every sexual encounter he has, Demira goes to a psychiatrist. Given his homosexual tendencies, the inevitable sexual encounter with the doctor occurs and Demira's mother Esther decides to come to town for a visit. While she has high hopes of Hollywood for her son, she also fails to recognize his depression and remains preoccupied with her own love interests. After attempting to attract her attention through a variety of antics, he recognizes the futility of it all and focusses on his Big Break and finally cutting the umbilical cord... (100 mins)

Monday, June 3

  • Moscow, Russia: Cine Fantom: FILMS WITHOUT CAMERA !!! PROGRAM By Pip Chodorov & Light Cone (Paris): The Aleinikov brothers with the support of the French Cultural Center of Moscow present two screenings of experimental film at the Kino Musei in Moscow on June 3 and 4, 1996. The screenings are programmed and presented by Pip Chodorov of Light Cone, Paris. The June 3 show, "Films sans camera" brings together 13 hand-made films, including painted films (Stan Brakhage), films treated with non-standard chemistry (Phil Solomon), scratch films (Len Lye, Cathy Joritz), found footage films (Martin Arnold, Matthias Muller), films attacked by bacteria and weathering (Schmelzdahin), etc. The June 4 show, "Paysages contemporains" concentrates on recent French films; landscapes or waterscapes filmed pictorially (Rose Lowder, Martine Rousset, Vivian Ostrovsky), impressionist (Marcelle Thirache, Patrick Bokanowski), materialist (Miles McKane, Jean-Michel Bouhours), or as film diary, site as the place of memory (Scott Hammen, Pip Chodorov, Yann Beauvais).

  • Vienna, Austria: Der Blick der Moderne at Stadtkino Wien: Collagen & Montagen: Der Found Footage Film: Gustav Deutsch, Feininger in Moskau A 1996 / 8 mins.; Bill Morrison, Footprints USA 1992; Henri Storck, Sur les bordes de la camera, B 1932; Bruce Conner, Take the 5:10 to Dreamland, 1976; Lewis Klahr, Her Fragrant Emulsion, 1987; Cecile Fontaine, Overeating, 1984; Morgan Fisher, Standard Gauge, 1984. Space Odyssey: Tomislav Gotovac, Prike Podne Jednog Fauna, Yu 1963; Ernie Gehr, Serene Velocity, USA 1970; Michael Snow, Wavelength, USA 1966-67; Paul Winkler Backyard, Australian 1976.
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