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Rod and cone candy snacks.

Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipe Bomb: Gregory Green, Conceptual Terrorist
Is it polite to carry a bomb in Soho? Tom Vanderbilt takes a look at Gregory Green's latest work

"The grim shock of recognition set in as I realized the open suitcase I was looking at contained two neatly placed pipe bombs."

The Biggest Showoff On the Planet
First Meat Cake and then the world: Steve Raymond discusses comic book artist Dame Darcy's plan for global domination.

"I used to have a twin, but I ate her while we were still inside my mother's uterus, because I wanted to stay the queen bee. My mother only had boys after that."

Eye Candy: Fresh Air
by Steve Raymond

The Stimples
Warning! Bandwidth Buster!
The Stimples—Norbertina, Wihelmina, and Metatrina—sing, hang around convenience stores, and suck down chim juice. Walk through their story using Virtual TV technology.


Animated art by bigtwin


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