Table Groomer's Hand
* Makes discretion the better part of oral hygiene

A common problem encountered when dining in company is the small food particle lodged between the teeth. The traditional approach to this dilemma of social form is to attempt to remove the debris with the fingers of one hand, while masking our action with the other hand. This has never been satisfactory, as it leaves no hands free for the kind of social behaviour, principally eating and gesticulation, that would best disguise the unpleasant events.

So we bring you the Table Groomer's Hand, a moulded silicon facsimile which can be used to shield your clandestine cleaning activites. It is held up by a knob that fits between the fingers, yet leaves those same fingers freedom of movement to pick at the offending morsel. Meanwhile your third (real) hand is free for emphasis, coffee drinking, or playing games, whatever the occasion demands.