Grey Area
by Will Self
(Atlantic Monthly Press, hardcover, 287p, $22)

I would have not-reviewed Grey Area—a new-ish collection of stories by the author of My Idea of Fun and Cock & Bull—earlier. but Mikki scooped it up immediately after it my friend Deirdre took eons to return it. Mikki said she read it all in one sitting (always a good sign) but she had an equally difficult time transporting it from home to office. This is a review copy with history, kids.

So here we are with nine new stories that are characteristic Self, escorting the mundane into the realm of the ridiculous. From "Between the Conceits," an interior monologue about social maneuvering from one of the self-declared eight people who matter in London, to "Inclusion®," a case history of an antidepressant made from bee excrement let loose on an unsuspecting human test group, Self writes the wildly imaginative stories that the crazy person opposite you on the train might tell you if they ever looked up from the pages of their dog-eared notebooks.