Broadcast delights— Bet you can't eat just one.

The STIM Network Fall TV Lineup
The spunky STIM staff tells you what they'd like to see on the tube.
"HOGAN'S HEROES meets the X-FILES in this wacky look at life in an underground lock-down ward, chock full of ex-spooks and UFO abductees!"
The Dick Factor: Philip K. Dick's Hollywood
The Great One is dead, but his name lives on in his novels and an increasing list of blockbuster films. But where to start? Now, Greg Kuchmek talks about the hits and misses in PKD's filmography.
"Most of you already know of this great, paranoid genius, and those of you that do not know of him directly, know of his work indirectly. To date, four feature length films and at least two theatrical productions have been made based on Dick's stories."
Beatniks and Beat Flicks
Like, dig this, daddy-o: Debbie Stoller checks out the representation of Beatniks in films, from HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL to HAIRSPRAY.
"Hollywood took it upon itself to warn the rest of the nation about just what these crazy kids were up to, throwing in a goodly amount of 1950s paranoia and sexploitation for good measure."
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