Five sexy space chix are trapped aboard an 'unmanned' space 'probe'. Explore the nether reaches of the galaxy with them while they try to make it home.

Submitter's/producer's name: C.K. Muensterer

The Madonna Reed Show—sitcom

Blond (usually) pop star moves to the suburbs with her hubby Carlos. Wacky chaos ensues.

Submitter's/producer's name: Bob Sassone

The Edibles—sitcom

Comedy about John and Alice Edible and their two kids. A nice, modern family that's normal in every way except one; they're cannibals.

Submitter's/producer's name: Bob Sassone

Beverly Sills 90210—drama

The opera star gets involved in romantic and political intrigue while on tour in southern california.

Submitter's/producer's name: Bob Sassone

Who's the Dad / My Two Bosses—sitcom

Worlds collide! Two 12 min. sitcoms play back to back in one half hour. One is a light-hearted moonlighting riot about a cab driver/politcal analyst. The other deals with the antics that ensue when a 20 something woman decides to discover which "dad", Tony Danza or Buck Henry, is the real McCoy.

Both programs use recycled footage from "Who's the boss" and "My two dads", therby limiting costs to US $450 an episode.

Submitter's/producer's name: Tom C. Danko

The Joey Heatherton Variety Hour—variety

Joey Heatherton spends an hour with her nutty frieds: Shecky Green and the like.

Submitter's/producer's name: Jim Podesva