"Hogan's Heroes" meets "The X-Files" in this wacky look at life in an underground lock-down ward chock full of ex-spooks and UFO abductees. Meet Dr. Hagen, the priapic neurologist, who's as interested in electroshock as he is in the ladies. And Head Nurse Denton, who hates Commies and extraterrestrials as much as she loves having the key to the pharmacy. And ex-Agent Mirbane, a dedicated operative who knows the Truth. She's secretly in love with Agent Will Black—what she doesn't know is Black's charm lies in his alien dental implants. In the pilot, Agent Mirbane plots her escape with Will, but keeps getting distracted by those oh-so-tight-fitting straitjackets. Special guest appearance by Udo Kier as "The Man in Black."