A Very Special Webster

A Very Special Webster:
A column by Daniel Radosh

I am what many of you would call a newbie. I myself would never use a word like newbie because, let's face it, it's an idiotic word. Using it in conversation makes you sound like a halfwit, and I for one would rather be a newbie than a halfwit.

That sort of clearheadedness is precisely what's missing from most discussions of the web. People who are too wrapped up in the lingo and attitude can't seem to step back and make a few obvious points. To most surfers, the web is just plain cool and that's enough. The best sites are the ones that are the coolest, and when sites are declared sub-par, it's because they're not as cool as they should be. Web-sites are measured exclusively by factors like how interactive they are. More interactivity is inherently better and less is worse. But hey, my whole life is interactive, and that doesn't mean a lot of it doesn't suck.

A Very Special Webster takes a commonsense, skeptical and—I'll admit it—obnoxious approach to the task of exploring the threads that make the World Wide Web what it is. Rather than offering reviews of individual web sites, each Webster column describes, discusses and dissects (and mocks mercilessly) a given aspect of web culture as it is revealed in the connections between several sites. Webster gives a narrative form to the apparent randomness of the web—and has way too much fun doing it.

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