For the Love of Cheese

What separates us from the animals, you ask? What is it about humans that enables them to rule the earth while wearing pumps and driving custom colored Honda Civics? Higher brain processes? An incredible propensity to lie? The cotton gin? Yes, yes, and no. It's not that we daydream and muse, but that we daydream about who will attend our funeral and muse over what it would be like to be from Mississippi. It's not the fact that we've invented places to crowd together, blow smoke in one another's faces and pay to drink liquids that slow our brains and melt our insides. It's the fact that these places have doormen with ponytails. And it's not that the fact that we stick our vile, slippery tongues into each other's mouths for fun. It's the fact that we don't usually get paid for it. It's the fact that we dress up in little, thin, soft and pointy toed shoes to go to work. It's the way we smile when pretending that we haven't farted. It's the way we take comfort in these things, hold them dear and valuable, and lie about really trying to make the world a better place...We explore the cheese that makes us who we are, the cheese by-products of our relationships and daily interactions. It is this cheese, and not simply the fact that most animals are really really stupid, that separates us from them.

from For the Love of Cheese,
by the editors of Might magazine