For The Love of Cheese
(Berkley, paperback, 139p, $12.00 US/$17.00 Can.)

I'm sure the fact that For the Love of Cheese, a book about all things cheesy, is quintessentially cheesy, has not escaped its makers (who also happen to be the folks that bring us Might magazine).

After all, what we have here is the kind of book destined to:

  • be filed under humor (which means in close proximity to Erma Bombeck, may she rest in peace);
  • be propped up in a little cardboard display stand by the cash register to encourage "the impulse buy";
  • be called the thinking personís bathroom book;
  • be kept by the toilet;
  • be described as a "fun" little book;
  • be given to coworkers by their Secret Santa (bonus: if s/he signs the card 'secret Satan');
  • receive reviews that try to imitate the book's style and content;
  • receive reviews that cop to imitating the book's style and content;
  • force reviewers to indulge in reflexivity (bonus—you claim to "not-review" the book.)