June 1996

Time is in perpetual motion and how you spend it is how you define your perceived reality. Your personal and unique reality is what you have chosen, consciously or unconsciously, and is how you construct your existence. I, The Reverend Steve Marcus, have seen a path. Something other than coincidence has brought you here, of all the infinite potential places you can find yourself. YOU ARE NOW HERE And I, The Reverend Steve Marcus would like to extend, through the love that I have for you and welcome you to STIM, The Temple of Relaxed Youth and My Sermon Of Hope.

The war being waged against humankind's body, mind and spirit has been elevating itself to greater and greater heights. It has entered fresh, deadly and decisive phases in its global vision. They have infected the hearts and minds of the people and caused them to disrupt their natural daily existence and misunderstand their true purposes (see simple chart/graph 1:1.) They masterminded the ultimate and potential final solution to the enslavement of the whole person. (see simple chart/graph 1:2) The time is now for the rejection of the world they have given you and a return to a life which you have constructed yourself with the intention of individual expression and freedom, cumulating in an unconditional love of humanity.

The enemy, expertly trained in the ways of mathematical calculations, surrogate activity development and paperwork has constructed and home-delivered an easier way of life. One of table manners, etiquette, paper cups, magnetic strips, Thermosª bottles, lawn mowers, microwave ovens, electric shavers, hundreds of flavors of toothpaste, nail polish, lipstick, hair dryers, pharmaceutical medicines, sunglasses, Velcroª, spring mattresses, electric blankets, fat-free frozen dinners, canned food, soda, cigarettes, vacuum cleaners, magazine subscriptions, board games, and all the cake, cookie and pancake mixes, Cracker Jacksª, hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries and chewing gum you could gag an entire planet on. The Temple of Relaxed Youth has been created for your daily, weekly or monthly visitations. It has been designed as a tool to convey the "hipness" of spirituality, the teachings of humanity's prophetic souls throughout history, the forbidden knowledge for the ability to attain the true sovereignty of self, and the right to defend your tranquility.

Compiled with love.

I, the Reverend Steve Marcus, wish you Peace and Happiness and the wisdom to see through another day of deception.

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