Picking up a phone, Antonio pauses and asks,
"What time is it now in Japan?"
Smith grits his teeth in an "oh shit" sorta face and sucks in a big breath. "Well, when we landed I know it was about 12 in New York. Tokyo is 12 plus one, so it was then 1AM. It should daytime now or maybe early evening, but i could be really mistaken--why don't you just email them?"

"I want to speak to Yamamoto directly. We could email back and forth and it could take years," replied Antonio. "We need to tell him the equipment won't make it here until Saturday or maybe even Monday."
"Ok, so let's figure it out--how long have we been here?" says Smith.
You look at your watch. "Coming up on 45 minutes."
"So, 45 times 5.7 is uhhh...256 or so, divided by 24 is 10 and 16 left over. So if it was 1AM and we add 16 it's 5PM there, plus 10--on Wednesday. I was sorta right!"
"Actually it's around 6PM there," you say, "During daylight savings, Japan is plus 14." The big video screen comes to life as the call goes through, and a young Japanese woman appears.

"Ohio gozaimas," says the woman.