"Man I'm starved. Can we eat something?"
You are just coming up on an exit, and there's a fast-food chicken place there You pull into the drive-thru.

"May I take your order?" says the voice from the speaker.
The others in the car feed you their orders--chicken fajita, ultimate cheeseburger, vanilla shake, two tacos for 99 cents, a coke, 3 fries, hot sauce... "I'll have the Wing-Ding Special and a lime soda," you say, "and by the way, do you know anyone famous who was born in Las Vegas?"
"This is Reno," replies the voice.
"That'll be $12.01 at the next window please."
You pull around to the window, hand the guy a 10 and a 2 and a penny, and he starts handing down your order. "Nice RV." he says. In one of the bags is the box holding your Wing-Ding Special, and you want to just get a taste before pulling away from the window. So you reach in and pull it out. You open it up and see a bunch of chicken wings with lots of electrical wires coming out of each one.

"Oh my god, they've been FRIED," says your co-pilot. Then he takes a cord out from the back of the box and plugs it into the lighter. The wings start to flap wildly and fly out of the box.