"Apple, the name you know
from a company you trust.
The Apple line from Microsoft."
You've heard the site's sales-pitch loop too many times so you move on through a convention midway that would make Dante proud. Still trying to decide if in 30 years everything has changed or is still exactly the same. You decide to see how mom and dad are doing in the VR seminar.

"We just don't feel like we're getting the most out of our TV" they said, when you couldn't believe they were coming.

You walk into a circular room with a domed ceiling. The audience sits in darkness around the brightly lit center. "Boy they never used to hold these in such funky places." You see the speaker. Oh look, it's Brent. What a butt-head. I wonder what garbage he's feeding these people?" You see your parents listening attentively a few seats into the audience. "Oh brother" you think. Brent is saying something while a woman in full VR-gear controls a humanoid robot. The robot is running up and down the aisles. Everyone is quite impressed.
You head down the aisle and walk right into the center. "You guys are all turkeys!" you say. "All this stuff was possible 30 years ago, but you all were so greedy and short sighted that you snuffed it out before it could even begin! Now you show this like its some big breakthrough and it's actually just the dregs: pieced-together remnants of stolen ideas and bankrupt companies!"
"GIVE HIM THE TEST" says Brent. A woman walks up to you with something like a plastic staple gun. She puts it up to your solar-plexus and squeezes. It clicks and you get a small pain there. Then a small black screen comes down in front of your face. Lasers shoot from the blackness into your eyes. The screen lifts and Brent says "GIVE HIM ANOTHER DOSE." The woman comes back and shoots you again--this time you have more pain in your solar-plexus. And the screen comes down again with more lasers.
Then a bigger screen comes down in front of your face. "What color do you see?" asks Brent. "It's red," you say, "brightest of bright blood red." And there follows a commotion.