Everyone is walking around naked,
so you leave your clothes, wallet, and watch at camp
and walk down to where people are gathering around the fire. This year only a few people are naked and I feel--naked. I walk through the crowd, doing my best to avoid rednecks and frat-guys, going around and around the fire in broad, counter-clockwise circles. I think to myself, "Man this is like one of those dreams where you're naked and everyone else is not, back in junior high. Only this is real." I continue on and think how clothes are the first level of corporate brainwashing.

"Do you remember that dream," says a voice behind me, loud and clear as a bell, "where you're back in junior high..."

"I was just thinking about that," i answer without even turning around. I slow to let the voice catch up. "...and I think that this is a most incredible opportunity to bring reality and the dream-state into simultaneous existence."

"Now just think if you really were having a dream."