"OK, I'm ready for my bath."
and you're directed down some steps
to another level with many individual chambers. You're also shown sort of a changing room on past the chambers and given a towel. It is about one by two inches in size. You undress and walk out to a chamber, put the towel around your nostrils, and immerse yourself in the dark waters.
It's entirely black in the water and possible to see a long way. A nice place to think, but after 15 or 20 minutes you get kinda fidgety. Finally you make out shapes approaching--they're dolphins! They swim up to you and seem amused at your situation.

"Can you say Marrr-garet?" asks one of the dolphins.
"Margaret?" you say
"Can you say monn-key?" asks the other dolphin.
"What's going on?" you ask.
"Can you say," continues the first dolphin, "EEOOAAIIEEUUAAUUOO....." and it proceeds to sing an extremely fast tune that has too many notes too fast.

You listen for as long as you can but you can't keep up. It's making you crazy. So you remove your towel and leave the tank, up the steps and out into the daylight. Another perfect day in paradise. You walk around the house to see a Fed Ex truck backing up to the gate. "Somebody is getting some computers." says the Fed Ex driver. "But it's only Friday, you're a day early." "Maybe you're mistaken, sign here please."