At a gallery opening downtown.
Some kind of video installations,
but there's too many people to see anything. Weaving through the crowd, you head for the thickest part clustered around the wine. You finally get to the table and grab a glass of red from a slicked-back waiter. "YUK!" Nothing like an opening for hideous wine.

You head for the back where the crowd thins out a bit--finally you can see some of the pieces. Video screens of unique aspect ratios play loops of bees. They fill each screen and it seems that the picture is entirely in motion. Another sip of wine--"Hmm..the second sip tastes much better."

"What do you think of the paintings?" asks the waiter.

Holding in the surprise of being followed to the back, you look back at the video screens. "They're ...great." and you take another sip.

"Much better with a buzz on, aren't they?"