You're in an RV rental place
walking around the lot looking to pick out
a mobile home.
You decide to go deluxe and pick out a Bounder, the largest style available at over 30 feet, and then you realize you're in the lot of your old high school, and the old reserve football coach is coming out with a couple of other guys for driver-ed. You all climb in and you take the wheel, the coach in the passenger seat.
"You don't think you can just walk in and drive one of these things off the lot without some training, do you?" he asks. You look at all of the controls, some familiar, some very complicated looking. "I guess not." you say.
"Today we're gonna drive over to Ohio, and then Nevada, so that you learn to drive in three different states," says the instructor. "Maybe more after that. So do you remember the first thing to do when operating a car?"
"Turn it on." you say. He rolls his eyes. "You check your fuel level."
You look at the controls, but don't see the fuel gauge right off. There's the speedometer, odometer, oil pressure, altitude meter, reactor status, cb radio. Finally you see it--fuel--on FULL.
"It's full." you say. "Then head on out to the freeway." he says. You start up the RV and begin out of the lot, a bit shaky driving such a big vehicle. "Here," he hands you a hi-8 video camera. "You'll need to learn how to work this while driving." You worriedly take the camera with one hand, and try to keep control of the RV. "Don't worry, you're really not in control of the driving." the instructor says.

"You know, I don't really like those dreams where I'm back in high school," you say.
"Just be glad you're not naked." says the instructor,
as you head off out towards the desert.