You're lying on a couch,
recounting all of your strange dreams to a professionally dressed red haired lady, taking notes on a pad of paper.

You tell her about dreaming you were at Thanksgiving dinner with a foster family, and were served a dollar bill. And Another where you drive a big RV out to the desert and you dance naked around a fire. And another where you're on a game show and you answer questions that you don't know the answer to, and the final answer is about aliens eating human brains. "Do you have any opinions about that alien part?" you ask.

"Well," she replies, "it seems like they decided to finish your session with a little joke."

"Huh?" you ask.

She puts down her pen and paper. "It's very easy to blow someone's mind. The range of possibilities that are available to you are just a small fraction of that of the universe. Some of that is a limitation of 3d space and linear time, but you guys further constrain your minds into very narrow sets of possibilities. Even in scenarios that you are capable of comprehending, most of you can't because of fear. In these cases a mental anesthetic can be used. A person is given a set of assumptions, by definition these are easily recoginized by the person and, even if frightening, are very soothing and much less disturbing than what is actually going on. Additionally, the spiritual nature of these works is often so abstract, that comprehension in metaphor is the only way, even for the higher beings.

This serves a purpose both ways. Your mind is relieved of a huge burden while thinking in an entirely new way. Your contactors benefit in that they don't have to deal with someone so freaked out, and they can get their work done.
In your dream, when you answered questions you did not know, perhaps you were actually receiving information, and when you were getting the massage in the corporate boardroom with the tuning forks placed on your bones maybe you were actually being examined by an alien scientist."

"I didn't tell you that dream." you say.

She continues, "Mind emptying, distortion, and re-programming by an alien scientist is much more easily performed if you think it's merely a therapy session. You'd be quite upset right now if you saw a tentacled reptilian being, but now you are calm and even enjoying talking to a sexy redhaired therapist."

She pauses and smiles. "All of these dreams have been abduction metaphors."

You sit in silence for a moment. "So," you reply, "if I got this straight, instead of having an alien stick a long needle in my third nostril, could be sucking on your breasts?"

She rolls her eyes in disgust. "There's better metaphors than that for the long needle..."

And you feel yourself starting to leave the floor.

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