Wayne was hardly through the hotel-room door when he excitedly announced, "It's time for Coke."

But before he reached the tub of ice that sat on the mahogany table in the center of the room, a better idea struck him.

"No—Jolt. That's what I want." He pulled a red can out of a plastic grocery bag.

In the corner behind the bar, Charles can't resist the opportunity.

"You know," he chimed in, "compared to my regular cup of coffee, Jolt is Caffeine Light."

Wayne is impressed. "You must be on the thick stuff."

Charles tries to look casual. "Well, yeah. I guess so. I like a good strong cup of coffee. A good European coffee."

"Oh? What have you been drinking?"

There is a slight pause.

"Well, recently, it's been the Nabob African Safari."

Wayne nods his head. "Ah."