Laffs in Space

"A Klingon, a Human and a Droid walk into a bar..."
Star Trek Humor
by the Staff of STIM!

While perusing the web, one is bound to come across a startling number of Star Trek fans (see Webster for examples). Not surprisingly, a high percentage of these fans enjoy a few yuks at the expense of their idols. Most of that humor is fairly predictable, ranging from drinking games wherein you take a drink for virtually every move Riker makes, to sometimes funny Top Ten lists, to crappy one-liners like "where does a ten-foot Mugato sleep? Anywhere he wants to." It does get a little better than that, but only a little. Nonetheless, for your convenience, we here at STIM have pieced together some of the less painful examples of Trekkie humor. Enjoy, but not too much, or we'll make fun of you.

McCoy: I've borrowed Mr. Scott's bagpipes.

Kirk: But you can't play them.

McCoy: While I've got them, neither can he!

Overheard in a corridor...

Crewman: I've got a brother at Starfleet Science Academy.

Crewwoman: What's he studying?

Crewman: Nothin'. They're studying him.

McCoy: Do you serve crabs here?

Mess officer: We serve anybody. Sit down.

Sarek and Amanda were dating,
Amanda was patiently waiting
For signs of romance,
Soft words, a slow dance.
What she got was an efficiency rating.

Q: What does a Romulan frog use for camouflage?

A: A croaking device.

It seems the Klingons had a diabolical plan to trap the Enterprise in silver paper.

Luckily, the plan was foiled.

Dr. McCoy finished his examination of Scotty and shook his head. "Scotty, I can't find any reason for your stomach pains. Frankly, I think it's due to drinking."

"In that case, Leonard," said Scotty, "I'll come back when you're sober."</end>

Photo of Dr. Leonard McCoy and Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott
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