From surly, sexy Ensign Ro (Next Gen) to the perennially feisty Kira Nerys (DSN), hints of Bajoran sauciness turn up on the runways as often as Amber Valletta. Donna Karan has been plagued with requests for the daring ridged nosepieces created for her fall DKNY launch by the hip prosthetics designer Archie McPhee. LaCroix showed a whimsical version of the classic Bajoran nasal mutation made by the models themselves out of neon bubblegum in a variety of shocking hues.

The Bajorans' distinctive ear-cuff jewelry lends retro-future panache to evening gowns and day wear alike, from seed-pearl ear chains at Ralph Lauren to a diamond-and-sapphire version worn with Dolce et Gabbana's sultry, haltered tuxedo. At Gaultier, six-gauge platinum chains connected pierced cheeks to stainless-steel ear cuffs. Here, we affixed a broken necklace to plain silver hoops; for a chunkier, street-smart effect, clip your cuff from the pull-tab of Rainier beer can.

The Bajoran look starts with a pale, matte face (the dewy look is unsuitable on most Federation starships). Framed by a short and spunky yet feminine hairdo, brows should be nicely groomed yet relaxed; darken with black penchl for the Ensign Ro frown, or highlight with a light auburn powder to achieve Kira's expression of perpetual outrage.

When it comes to nose ridges, creativity is the order of the day. Sculpt chewing gum into perky lines and blend thoroughly into the nose and forehead with fingers. Tropical Fruit Bubble Yum looks sassy with late summer's bright avocado jackets; for evening, top this fall's saturated red cocktail dress with Wrigley's skin-tingling Doublemint Gum. Darker complexions need the exotic appeal of Black Jack Chewing Gum or the quirky opalescence of Grape Bazooka.

The charm of two-dimensional nose ridges is their versatility. Paint bold stripes with primary colors and bright metallics from Make-Up For Ever; soften edges with Dior's new Star Trek Blending Formula (SPF 15). Here, the muted glamour of a plain black nose ridge emphasizes the Bajorans' rebellious attitude. Wear it on either side of the wormhole.

Whether you opt for androids, cyborgs, or women from Cardassian-beseiged planets, take your inspiration from Next Gen and Deep Space Nine this fall. Make a fresh, modern statement with Stim's Home Star Trek Makeup Hints. Engage!   </end>


Check out Home Horror Makeup 1.0 - The Classic Bruise, in STIM, issue 2.4

Photos/models: Magdalen and W. Trevor Blake.
Poloroid 600 supplied by Jeff "The Honcho" James.

Photo of Lieutenant Commander Data and Major Kira Nerys
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TIFFANY LEE BROWN is Stim's Home Horror Makeup consultant and model. She previously edited the three-volume Magdalen's Guide to Home Haute Couture: Create Original Fashions with Discarded Commodore-64 Terminals and Macrame (Bohobo Press Ltd., 1994) and currently publishes Hot Geeks!