Enterprise Zones

Sometimes the table of contents says it all.

Centering Subjectivities

'A Part of Myself NO Man Should Ever See'
Reading Captain Kirk's Multiple Masculinities

When the Body Speaks
Deanna Troi's Tenuous Authority and Rationalization of Federation Superiority in Star Trek: The Next Generation Rape Narratives

Worf as Metonymic Signifier of Racial, Cultural and National Differences

Dating Data
Miscegenation in Star Trek:The Next Generation

Manufacturing Hegemonies

Cyborgs in Utopia
The Problem of Radical Difference in Star Trek: The Next Generation

A Fabricated Space
Assimilating the Individual on Star Trek:The Next Generation

"For the Greater Good"
Trilateralism and Hegemony in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Domesticating Terrorism
A Neocolonial Economy of Différance

Producing Pleasures

Boys in Space
Star Trek, Latency, and the Neverending Story

Enjoyment (in) Between Fathers
General Chang as Homoerotic Enablement in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

"All Good Things..."
The End of Star Trek:The Next Generation, The End of Camelot—The End of the Tale about Woman as Handmaid to Patriarchy as Superman

Weaving the Cyborg Shroud
Mournful and Deferral in Star Trek: The Next Generation

from, Enterprise Zones
(Westview Press, 1996)