The Best of Star Trek
(DC Comics, 1991)

This is a collection of five short graphic stories, made bulkier because one is a two-parter and another a three-parter. It is supposedly the best of all the Trek comics published by DC. The comics are set in the post-television, big-screen era of Trekdom, so Captain Kirk is an admiral and the other characters are appropriately aged. Oh, and as a result, they tend to fall about in embarassing reminscences of episodes past, like an awful verbal rerun ("It's the tribbles all over again!"). The usual Prime Directive issues shake down—in fact, the marked difference between these storylines and those of the series is that they rarely involve interaction with aliens so much as they show the Enterprise crew pitted against internal Federation forces, bureacracy, and false diplomacy. Insert usual post-Cold War analysis HERE. But it's all great fun, and often quite slapstick—in one story, a marauding band of armed kitty cats menaces the bridge. Zounds!