Several of the writer/editors we talked to for this piece did not want their web sites linked or their names mentioned. They were surprised we were able to find them at all (all we did was a simple web search on "slash fiction"). Although we made every effort to assure the slashers we weren't out to write a sensational piece about their brand of fanfic, at some point in the process, they all seemed to disappear into the woodwork. A really nice slash site, the largest and best we found, was taken down after we discovered it. One company that sells slash zines even refused to send us a copy of their catalog—they didn't want to "participate" in our article.

Here are a few sources of slash. Through them, you should be able to access other slash materials and eventually work your way deeper into slashdom:

The newsgroup alt.startrek.creative.erotica covers ST erotica of all kinds, including slash. There's also, but it's mainly been taken over by ads for commercial porn sites. You can also find more links to online slash at

Slash and other ST erotica can be downloaded from

Print slash zines can be ordered from the following sources:

Footrot Flats
916 Lamb Rd.
Mason, MI 48854-9445
(offers a big catalog of zines)

Plastic Cow Productions
P.O. Box 3081
Danville, CA 94526-8081
Phone (510) 736-2153
(huge listing of all kinds of fanzines)

MKASHEF Enterprises
P.O. Box 368
Poway, CA 92074-0368
(lots of K/S slash)

The Temple Jewel
PO Box 5474
Irvine, CA 92616
(Star Trek erotica zine that covers all persuasions, including slash)

As You Like It Press
13-4 Brooklyn Rd.
(Series of DS9 and Babylon Five erotica zines covering all persuasions, including slash)