Leos should dress as the Cowardly Lion this holiday season... or maybe the Emperor's New Clothes would be a more appropriate costume. Your trademark swagger and imperious popularity should get you through Halloween intact, but expect to feel off-kilter throughout the upcoming months. Just when you're ready to pull a white rabbit out of your magic top-hat, the Saturn-Pluto trine coaxes goblins out instead. But don't feel embarrassed - just divert attention from your failed magic act by pulling the fire alarm. Then drive the goblins to a suburban neighborhood: the little guys are expert trick-or-treaters.

Maintain your composure throughout the confusion: Libra admirer will soon offer glamourous career opportunity. Jealous Scorpio sends blackmail photos to the wrong address. Travel plans delayed.

Recommended Costume:
the Cowardly Lion

Drawing by Anthony Goicolea