Late September was a bit puzzling for you, wasn't it? You got promoted —or fired— and that ten million dollar check from Ed McMahon bounced. Just when you've settled down to a pleasant routine of drifty ideas and unhurried spiritual contemplation, along comes Halloween. You can't conjure up the decisiveness to select a costume, much less figure out which parties to hit, but find yourself shockingly motivated to attend a datura ritual in Chile that night.

What to do? Try Madame Magdalen's Patented Hot Bath Divinatory Meditation. Draw an almost painfully steaming bath, dosed liberally with rosemary and lavender, and set a timer for twenty minutes. Soak comfortably, letting your mind wander. When the alarm goes off, use the last image in your daydream as a guide to your most advantageous All Hallow's Eve decision.

Anticipate fundamental paradigm shift. Don't take candy from strangers in rubber masks. Taurus offers bogus advice.

Recommended Costume:
Ariel from "The Little Mermaid"

Drawing by Anthony Goicolea