Your ideals have been shaken. Your usually refreshing capriciousness has landed you in trouble. You flip-flop between illusions of grandeur and delusions of hitting rock-bottom. Feeling confused? Don't expect that to change this Halloween. Pluto's still slogging through the early degrees of your sign, squaring Mars on the 31st. Although you have much to contemplate and many rivers to cross, keep your sense of humour honed and ready. Utilize it cautiously: improper use may result in injury or death.

To ward off evil spirits and your own self-destructive tendencies during this zany holiday, write a Strengthening Spell on parchment and burn in a blessed cauldron. Perform a scrying ritual as the papers burn, looking for important signs and symbols in the flames (if you visualize Hello Kitty or any other cartoon character, execute a banishing ritual and repeat your Spell).

Watch out for Virgos with bad tempers. Avoid Halloween costumes that bare more than 50% of your skin. Libra plays role.

Recommended Costume:
Robin Hood or Maid Marion

Drawing by Anthony Goicolea