This is your time of year, darlings. Everyone's on edge and slightly dodgy, yet brimming with erotic nervousness and sensual impulses. Melodrama and mystery abound, so no one will even notice how much lying, wheedling, and green-eyed plotting you're up to. (Besides, they know you. They're used to it.) Embrace the Eve of the Dead with all the morbid languidness you can muster. And be certain to dress up like a vampyre —it's your destiny.

But be forewarned: you've been singled out by a rogue coven of spell-casting, extraterrestrial-worshipping Chupacabra-human hybrids. Brush up on your Enochian, and utilise banishing pentagrams as appropriate. Aquarian computer programmer provides glimpse into the unknown. Perseverence furthers.

Recommended Costume:
Count Dracula or Lestat

Drawing by Anthony Goicolea