This Halloween, even the most stodgy bulls will find that their Taurean psychic abilities and sensual appetites are turned up to 11. Your inner solidity may be shaken by intense emotions and flashes of voluptuous darkness, but now is not the time to fuss over your own moods. Instead, use your famous earthiness and heightened powers of intuition to help those around you. Use ritual wisely, as this is a potent time for magic Tauri. Prepare an herbal tonic of ginger, astralagus, and jujube dates; pour into an obsidian bottle with a hematite stopper, and carry it with you at all times. Use the potion to calm down that Scorpio who ate the brown acid and thinks he really is the Grim Reaper he dressed up as for the costume party.

Look for spectral visitations from recently deceased friends. Cancer plays role.

Recommended Costume:

Drawing by Anthony Goicolea