Chapter 8


Mabel Maney said she will write Nancy Clue books as long as she doesn't bore her fans or herself. Meanwhile, Mabel gets to hang out with her best chums—series characters Cherry, Nancy, Velma, Midge, Jackie, and the rest of the gang. And that's just how she likes it.

"It's like going to grade school again!" she declared.    </end>

While writing this article, the author, Katy Lain, sported a pair of brown flared trousers, a short-sleeved V-neck canary-yellow sweater with powder-blue and navy stripes, black nylon socks, and black-rubber slip-ons; she prepared a warm and nutritious lunch of a tuna-salad sandwich and lentil soup and iced water. For a snack, she had a refreshing cup of McGrath's tea with milk.