When Mabel Maney was working on her Master's degree in Fine Arts she war, she claims, "obsessed" with American culture of the 1950s. "Give it up!" her professor at San Francisco State told her. "No one cares about that period!"

While the fifties Nancy isn't everyone's cup of tea (many prefer the "classic, ethereal Nancy" from the thirties) it is the fifties Nancy that Mabel parodies. Needless to say, she is very happy she ignored her professor's warning and continued her extensive research on fifties fashion.

Mabel herself was born in the late fifties to a mother who, she says, was a blond fifties beach bunny with a dark tan and a cabinet full of pharmaceuticals. The motherless Nancy Drew struck a chord with young women like Mabel, whose depressed, medicated mothers made them feel like "motherless" daughters themselves.