Adoring Nancy Clue fan Ashley Stockstill, a 28-year-old graduate student in 18th-century literature at University of California, Riverside is amazed by the rumor that Mabel isn't making money from the series. "All the lesbians I know own copies," she says. Stockstill believes that the books haven't crossed over yet because Cleis, the books' publisher, is such a small press, with limited distribution.

Reading Nancy Clue is very much a shared pleasure for Stockstill and her 28-year-old girlfriend, Julie Gardner. They often read the books aloud to one another. Stockstill's favorite book is The Ghost in the Closet. "It is wonderful to read a lesbian sense of humor that incorporates gay male campiness," says Stockstill.

Julie Gardner, who is also a grad student in English literature, favors The Case of the Good-for-Nothing Girlfriend and appreciates Mabel's enthusiasm for fifties fashion. While Gardner read Cherry Ames stories as a child, she was more of a Trixie Belden fan. Trixie was more "rugged" than Ames or Drew.