The Digit Snatcher
Somebody can tell an awful lot about you just by knowing who you call and who calls you. Once upon a time, that required two different devices (and for law enforcement, two different court orders)—one to record the numbers you dial (a dialed-number recorder or DNR), and another to record the numbers of people calling you (before Caller ID, this was known as a "trap-and-trace" device).

But technology is wonderful. For $399, you can buy The Digit Snatcher, which does both. According to the company, the Digit Snatcher collects and stores the number dialed on outgoing calls, the phone number of the caller on incoming calls, the date and time of each call, and the duration of each call. And it's small—the size of a 3-x-5 index card, and an inch thick. It runs on a 9-volt battery or AC converter (both included!).


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