Talk! Those arguments make sense. They may even be true. But they still don't suggest much more than that some doctors may be saying the right thing for the wrong reasons. The issue isn't whether or not environmental illness exists: it can't exist. The question is how best to treat people who aren't sick for the reasons they think they are: whether to heal them by making them think they're safe, or to do the sometimes painful work of healing the mental problems behind the physical symptoms.    </end>

Douglas Wolk is the Managing Editor of CMJ New Music Monthly. He lives in Queens, NY and wrote "A Date with Anonymous", which is in issue 5.2

Last week we published two forceful articles about Environmental Immune Syndrome. In Safe, Paulina Borsook wrote of how having Multiple Chemical Sensitivities has affected her life, and her sense of security. In Canary in a Gold Mine, Douglas Wolk looked at the economics of EI/MCS, probing the motives of those who diagnose it and profit from it. This is Paulina's response to his piece.

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