We are all downstream. Huge stretches of the surface of the South Pacific are unpleasantly covered with an oily scum, and coral reefs are dying everywhere. Global populations of amphibians and songbirds are crashing by 90 percent. The Inuit of the Northwest Territories suffer from lead-poisoning, having breathed the air that blew over industrial North America. There is DDT in the fat of polar bears. More and more, field ecologists find gross neurological and reproductive anomalies in the wildlife they study, due perhaps to the estrogenic qualities of much of the toxic glop that has been loosed on the world since World War II. The current thinking among most biologists is that long-term low-grade exposures are more toxic to individuals and ecosystems than a single Bhopal/cropdusting event, and that the biologically harmful effects of multiple toxins are synergistic, and potentiate each other in unknown ways. 80 percent of cancers are thought to be environmentally caused, and cancer rates are climbing all over everywhere, in animals and people.