FRAUDULENCE. The issue of quacks is in itself interesting: I am sure there are some, just as I am sure there are folks vaguely generally overall phobic who think they might have EI. But these people aside, the issue of experimental treatments needs to be discussed. Last time I looked, no one had any reliable means for healing any immune-system disorder (think diabetes, lupus, MS, cancer, AIDS) so all anyone can do is to try at different things and see what works. Which is how progress is made in medicine, science, anything. That so many of the patients who showed at Rea's Houston clinic were diagnosed with EI may have more to do with self-selection than anything else: you aren't led there until you have exhausted all other more traditional remedies. If whatever ailed these people could be fixed with tetracycline or Valium wouldn't it have been tried? Or that if they weren't desperate to not be considered crazy because they have precisely the kind of systemic, single-silver-bullet-won-cure-it, no-single-cause-with-no-single-effect (even oncologists consider cancer to multifactoral these days) malady that Western medicince barely knows how to think about, much less cure, that they would have showed up there?

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