It's a Cartesian error of the most reactionary kind to set up these false dichotomies between mind and body: they are two aspects of the same thing and indeed, the nervous system controls the immune system. And yes, most pesticides in use are neurotoxic. One doctor I saw started laughing when I detailed some of my medical history because to him it seemed such a classic setup for EI/MCS: strong cancer history on my mother's side, strong traditional allergy (hay fever, hives) history on both sides of my family, strong history of brains that don't regulate themselves well (epilepsy, mood disorders) on my father's side. And then, I was shot in the head with a .45 when I was 14—and no, I don't gibber and drool, and no, that's not when my EI/MCS started—but yes, the subtle neurologic damage I suffered it was one more contributory factor to the genetic predisposition I already had (as a kid growing up in L.A., I was violently allergic to smog—lungs hurting, I spent my summers lying around in torpor + lassitude; nasty hives and breathing problems from conventional soaps and shampoos and, well, you get the picture.)

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