SAFE. I feel about the movie Safe about what I have heard some black folks say about Mississippi Burning: sorta glad there's been a movie on the topic, but horrified at how it distorts things (in that case, it was not noble white FBI agents who brought about the Civil Rights movements). In the case of Safe, EI/MCS is a tidy but disingenuous metaphor for suburban anomie and having no distinct sense of self. Amusing, but dangerously off message. And the movie also perpetuates the horrid backward-looking meme of women as histrionic pseudo-sickos who will do anything for attention, inflicting von Munchausen syndrome on themselves out of boredom. Which to me is the subtext of Wolk's article—but the ways in which mostly men try to say that this disease doesn't exist—because mostly women get it—is the subject for another day.

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