PROOF. I consider myself a pretty good double-blind EI/MCS case-study: I cannot tell recount the number of times I have walked into someone's house, and within minutes (sometimes it takes as long as 30 of them) I'll ask, "Are there new electronics in here?" And the host will look at me as if I were an Old Testament halfmad been too long in the desert bringer of bummer bad news, and say, "Why, yes, I did just buy that answering machine yesterday. Why yes, we did purchase a new VCR last week. How can you tell?" Because I am beginning to feel like hell in that horrid way I have come to recognize and there is that Bad Taste in my mouth, and either it or I are going to have to leave now. And no, there were no empty Compaq boxes nor any giveaway smell to act as cues. I simply feel it.

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