And then there's the Biometrics Pavilion, which offers "advanced security technologies based on identification of unique human characteristics such as hand geometry; fingerprint; palmprint; retinal; and iris scanning; signature verification; voice verification and thermal imaging."

Miros has a "Deep Space 9"-inspired Facial Recognition system—a product consisting of a dual-camera recorder that picks up an image of your head and then through "proprietary algorithms" matches your face to one on file. It analyzes a "stereoscopic" image, preventing someone from just holding up a picture.

David Green, the Miros salesman, is wearing a tie with a patchy painted map of the world on it and two cute little children in the corner pulling up the map and peeking at the stars. David pitches a scenario: "OK I take you out for a drink Friday night. I get you drunk and lift your card. You go away to Fire Island for the weekend. Saturday. 4 a.m. I go into your lab and steal the PC. Monday morning the boss comes in and accuses you of stealing it. You say no no no no no. My card was stolen. With this system that couldn't happen—it's your face they'd have to steal." He beams.

Larry and I are a little weirded out by the Fire Island reference. But then, we are big drunk fags. "Hey, I'm a big drunk fag!! Oh no! That guy stole my corporate card! That's OK, I have lots of disposable income and no children or wife! Let's go to Fire Island!"